Shooting for Inclusion

In Hou and Hoi Man are Special Olympics youth leaders in Macau who are leading a project to increase awareness and understanding of people with intellectual disabilities in their home community through Unified basketball. In September 2018, In Hou and Hoi Man participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a project plan for their initiative.


At the Forum, In Hou and Hoi Man decided that they wanted to keep sports at the center of their project. So In Hou and Hoi Man will host training for youth with and without intellectual disabilities for Unified basketball games over a few months, with training sessions twice a week.


During this project, In Hou and Hoi Man hope to gain the attention of other youth and promote Unified Sports. After Unified basketball games, the team will have an opportunity to share the message of Unified Sports and Special Olympics with attendees and supporters. With the strong leadership of In Hou and Hoi Man, the Unified Generation will grow through basketball in Macau and beyond.






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