Showcasing the Spirit of Our Movement

Mercy and Danny are Special Olympic Youth Leaders from Kenya who are working to grow the reach of Special Olympics by creating a documentary showcasing the Special Olympics Kenya team participating in the 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi. This documentary will not only celebrate the achievements and stories of participating athletes, coaches, and Unified Partners, but also tell the story of impact that Special Olympics Kenya has on society.


Mercy and Danny were inspired to plan this documentary when they witnessed the ability of Special Olympics Kenya to not only train and compete in sport, but also succeed in the activities of daily life as well as any other person. They were immediately committed to share these stories with the world and spread the message of inclusion by showing the whole world the capabilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities. Danny and Mercy also plan to interview the families and supporters of participants to show what they have gone through to raise empower them and the role that Special Olympics Kenya in their life through sport and beyond. Through this project, Mercy and Danny will be able to document and share the journey of Team Kenya not only with Kenya and Africa but with the whole world.


Mercy and Danny’s documentary will promote inclusion, share the capabilities of Special Olympics athletes with the world, and educate the community on the importance of supporting and including all people with intellectual disabilities. With the leadership and storytelling skills of Mercy and Danny, the Unified Generation is growing in Kenya and around the world.



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