Siblings for Unified Dance and the Unified Generation

Aloysia is a Special Olympics Youth Leader in Jakarta, Indonesia and also has a sibling with an intellectual disability. Aloysia is working with other Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Jarkarta to emphasize the impact of sibling relationships; even though she understands that having a sibling with intellectual disability can be a bit of a challenge, she knows that it has given her a powerful perspective that she may not have had otherwise. Aloysia is passionate about connecting others through Special Olympics, growing the bonds between siblings that share a connection similar to hers – and she believes that the sport of dance could be best way to strengthen those connections.


Aloysia recently attended the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Sibling and Family Workshop in Singapore, which showed her the powerful impact that siblings can have in the Special Olympics movement and growing the Unified Generation. With her project, “Unified Dance,” Aloysia will help others understand this impact they can have and empower them to be more involved with their siblings. The goal of Aloysia’s project is to bring siblings together to develop and perform as a team in the sport of dance. This teamwork and collaboration will create a special bond and a lasting impact on many families.


Aloysia is confident that siblings of people with intellectual disabilities can help Special Olympics Indonesia continue to grow. With her Unified Dance project, she will connect many siblings to each other and to the Special Olympics movement they share. Through initiatives like Unified Dance, the leadership of Aloysia and siblings around the world is growing the global Unified Generation in Indonesia and beyond.






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