Social Media for Change

Laura and Lily are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Colorado, USA who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create a social media campaign featuring Special Olympics athletes. For every month in 2019, Laura and Lily will share a video of an inspiring Special Olympics Colorado athlete telling his or her story. Laura and Lily know the power of social media in today’s society and want to capitalize on that resource to amplify their message of inclusion. They also plan to use their skills in videography to highlight athlete experiences.


Laura and Lily are inspired by their friends with intellectual disabilities. They hope the social media campaign will show others what inclusion looks like and that people with intellectual disabilities are no different from their peers. Laura is also inspired by her brother with an intellectual disability. She wants to use this project to give people with intellectual disabilities a voice. Together, Laura and Lily hope to gain over 100,000 views of the videos and work on future social media projects with Special Olympics Colorado.


Laura and Lily are excited to work together as part of the Unified Generation. To them, being a part of the Unified Generation means dedicating their lives to treating people with intellectual disabilities as equals and educating others on the Inclusion Revolution. Laura and Lily have a mission of “creating an inclusive and accepting society for those with intellectual disabilities.” As leaders of the Unified Generation, Laura and Lily are creating inclusion in Colorado and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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