Social Media for Inclusion

Innocent and Tinotenda are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who plan to raise awareness for Special Olympic programming in their community through the power of social media. Through their Youth Innovation Project, Innocent and Tinotenda have set a goal of engaging 15 schools and 5,000 young people with online platforms such as Facebook and other social media platforms. They hope to have these youth take a pledge of inclusion, inspiring them to advocate for Unified programming in their schools and communities. Their social media campaign will target schools, churches, youth clubs and families to pledge to include and volunteer as well. They will encourage people to spread the word, tell their friends and families, and start a ripple effect to get as many people pledging as possible!


Innocent and Tinotenda realize the impact that social media can have - especially for young people - and plan to harness that impact to create inclusive communities throughout Zimbabwe. Most of their work will be done through Facebook but they will also use platforms such as WhatsApp to link young people in rural areas to share ideas regarding how to build inclusive spaces and break down social stigmas.


By using the power of social media to bring people together, they hope to create a Unified Generation in Zimbabwe and around the world. Innocent and Tinotenda strongly believe that “we are all unique in so many ways,” and those differences enhance our world and should be celebrated!