Social Media for Social Change

David and Calvin are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Kenya who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to educate young people on how to appropriately use social media and other online sources of communication. David and Calvin will encourage positive online engagement by hosting a workshop on how young people can maintain a healthy relationship with their online presence. By equipping youth with these skills, David and Calvin hope to empower Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners by giving them the tools they need to share their achievements with the world while also protecting them from negative online interactions. In October 2019, David and Calvin participated in the Special Olympics Africa Regional Youth Leadership Summit in Nairobi, Kenya and learned how the importance of youth leadership and engagement can lead to a stronger Unified Generation.


Over the course of three months, David and Calvin will work with Youth Leaders to develop a curriculum for the workshop. David and Calvin plan to incorporate many topics in their workshop, including how to select and upload appropriate pictures, how to share achievements, and how to identify and report cyberbullying. David and Calvin’s project will also develop inclusive leadership skills by incorporating Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities as teachers in future workshops. David and Calvin’s project will empower young people by giving them the tools they will need to effectively advocate for themselves and their Unified Generation on a global platform.