Social Talks for Change

Alphonsine and Fabrice are friends and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Rwanda who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to establish inclusive “social talks” through youth trainings and forums at inclusive schools. Through their project, Alphonsine and Fabrice will provide youth with and without disabilities a platform to discuss health, education, sports, and other topics to increase inclusion in their communities.


Through their project, Alphonsine and Fabrice are committed to strengthening the confidence and self-esteem of youth with intellectual disabilities and bring attention to the importance of the Unified Generation. They plan to build strong partnerships with local schools and other community organizations to ensure the sustainability of their project. As the sibling of a person with an intellectual disability, Alphonsine has learned how to communicate and collaborate effectively with people with intellectual disabilities and this project will be an opportunity for her to utilize these skills.


Alphonsine and Fabrice are excited to work together to build the Unified Generation by bringing together youth with and without intellectual disability in constructive dialogue. Being a part of the Unified Generation is extremely important to both leaders. To them, the Unified Generation can lead the world to “an inclusive future where everyone has access to benefits of life regardless of the kind of disability one may have.” As leaders of the Unified Generation, Alphonsine and Fabrice are creating inclusion in Rwanda and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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