Special Olympics Fun Day & Sports Festival in Papua New Guinea

Pauline and Yonk are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Papua New Guinea who will lead a Youth Innovation Project aimed at promoting inclusion in their school through the power of sports. Inspired by Special Olympics programs at other schools in Papua New Guinea, Pauline and Yonk will run a “Special Olympics Fun Day” in two local schools to increase awareness and host a three-day camp with an emphasis on both sports and discussion.


Over the course of six months, Pauline and Yonk will engage 30 new Youth Leaders to help in the planning, preparation and running of their proposed events. They will create two new Unified Schools and expand the programming at 10 existing Unified Schools in the Papua New Guinea. Pauline and Yonk’s three-day camp will bring together youth with and without intellectual disabilities to discuss issues affecting those with intellectual disabilities and how they can help face these challenges together.  The camp will also involve Unified Sports to grow teamwork skills, foster communication and bring energy to the event. Pauline and Yonk hope that their Youth Innovation Project will involve more youth in Special Olympics Papua New Guinea in leadership positions and inspire the Unified Generation in Papua New Guinea.