Sports for Social Change

Ana Maria and Samuel are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in El Salvador who are leading a Youth Innovation Project to expand Unified Sports programming through an inclusive field day celebration. They will host their event outdoors to connect with nature and the sport arenas where Unified competitions take place. Before and after the Unified Sport activities, Ana Maria and Samuel will divide participants into small groups and lead conversations focused on inclusion and creating a more Unified society.


At the event, while in their small groups, Ana Maria and Samuel will facilitate open conversations amongst the youth participants about intellectual disabilities and brainstorm ideas for future inclusive programs. Ana Maria and Samuel will also lead activities related to sports and leadership training so participants will learn to lead Unified Sports events of their own. At the inclusive field day, groups will also brainstorm activities they can host in their own schools and beyond to engage new students in the Unified Generation and expand current Special Olympics opportunities.


Ana Maria and Samuel are excited to lead their project and believe it will increase the engagement and commitment of their peers to the Unified Generation. By leading their inclusive field day, Ana Maria and Samuel are serving as educators of the Unified Generation in El Salvador and models for the world.