Spread the Word: Inclusion Campaign in Canada

Roshan and Austin are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Canada who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Roshan and Austin will lead a Youth Innovation Project to grow the Spread the Word: Inclusion campaign in their province. There are 11 schools in their city already participating by holding various speeches, assemblies and activities to promote inclusion and respect. Roshan and Austin want to spread the campaign to 15 other high schools throughout the province and help the schools establish long-term plans to continue hosting Spread the Word: Inclusion campaign events year after year.


Over the course of six months, Roshan and Austin will establish 15 new Unified Schools and train 50 new Youth Leaders to continue the movement in their respective schools. Roshan and Austin will promote the campaign through local newspapers, radio stations, and online channels to reach people throughout their province. Roshan and Austin hope to make the school system a more inclusive place, where students are recognized as valuable members of the Unified Generation, regardless of ability or disability.