Spreading Inclusion in Hawaii

Aurora is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Hawaii who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to organize a team that will travel to schools around Oahu and Kauai promoting Unified Sports and inclusion through sharing their own experiences, doing leadership activities and demonstrating some Unified Sports. Aurora aims to introduce schools to Special Olympics and hopefully inspire them to become Unified Schools or Unified Champion Schools. She hopes to unify her school district by forming more of a connection with the elementary school, which already has a robust Unified program.


Over the course of 12 months, Aurora will train 50 new Youth Leaders and establish five new Unified Schools. Beyond helping other schools, Aurora’s project will build upon her own school’s youth leadership as the Youth Leaders get more practice engaging others and sharing their experiences. By spreading the message of Special Olympics to other schools, Aurora is empowering the Unified Generation and creating a sustainable network of inclusive education.