Steps for Awareness

Anniah is a Special Olympics Youth Leader in Zimbabwe with plans to lead a walkathon to raise awareness about Special Olympics and to promote health and fitness in Zimbabwe. In September 2018, Anniah participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of her youth leadership and establish a plan to execute her project at home in Zimbabwe.


At the Forum, Anniah also learned the importance of engaging the different stakeholder groups within schools and the community to implement a project like hers. With the help of Special Olympics Zimbabwe, Anniah will begin by collecting supplies for children with intellectual disabilities from members of her community while also educating those community members about Special Olympics. Anniah also plans to bring the project to her school by recruiting fellow students and teachers to join her in creating opportunities for inclusion.    


In the coming months, Anniah complete the planning process for the walkathon and raise awareness for the event with the support of her schoolmates. When the time comes for the walkathon, it will be the result of collaboration between youth leaders, Special Olympics, and school leaders – all critical pieces to creating an inclusive community. Through her work on the walkathon, Anniah aims to create an inclusive community by uniting these different schools and groups to make those individuals with and without disabilities feel welcome and grow the Unified Generation in Zimbabwe and beyond.