Strengthening Unified Sports in Korea

Jusung and Wonjae are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Korea. Together, Jusung and Wonjae will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to increase participation in their local Unified Sports club. Both Jusung and Wonjae have been active in their local Unified Sports club and have learned valuable lessons through their participation. Jusung and Wonjae want to spread the message of inclusion across Korea and strengthen the Unified Generation by growing the Unified Sports club they love. Through this project, they hope to build bonds between those with and without intellectual disabilities.


Over the course of three months, Jusung and Wonjae will grow their Unified Sports club by planning Unified activities and recruiting students from the local University to serve as volunteers. Jusung and Wonjae will host two Unified Sports events and a Youth conference, where they will encourage Youth Leaders to help them further grow their club as members of the Unified Generation. With the goal of having over 5,000 total social media impressions and engaging over 70 Youth with and without intellectual disabilities, Jusung and Wonjae will spread the message of inclusion to their community and encourage a new cohort of Youth Leaders to become leaders of inclusion.