Supporting Families for Inclusion

Wadzanai and Malvin are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Harare, Zimbabwe who attended the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit in Abu Dhabi. Together, Wadzanai and Malvin want to end the stigma in their culture surrounding intellectual disabilities. They aim to accomplish this by hosting Unified Sports tournaments and creating family support groups aimed at providing support and education for parents of youth with intellectual disabilities.


Over the course of 12 months, Wadzanai and Malvin will advocate for those in their community with intellectual disabilities, including Malvin. After raising community awareness and creating a curriculum, Wadzanai and Malvin plan to launch their first parent support group in the third month of their project. Ultimately, Wadzanai and Malvin’s first group will serve as a model for other family support groups throughout their Region. Wadzanai and Malvin believe that the Unified Generation should include the parents of those with intellectual disabilities, and they are creating the framework to include them.