Swimming Toward Inclusion

Alfonso and Sandra are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador leading a Youth Innovation Project to develop Unified swimming competitions amongst general education and Special Education schools. Their project will help competitors develop their swimming skills, sportsmanship, and create opportunities for inclusion through sport.


Though swimming will be the focus of the project, Alfonso and Sandra will connect participants in other ways as well. For example, while individuals are in the pool competing, Alfonso and Sandra will also have board games and other activities in the call room. These activities will require group participation so students from both schools can learn more about each other and form life-long friendships. At the final event, Alfonso and Sandra will also provide information on health safety education, with different stations sharing information on pool safety protocol, healthy habits for overall well-being, and other topics.


As they lead their project, Alfonso and Sandra are committed to promoting effective communication and active listening amongst individuals with and without disabilities, exploring skills and strengths of each individual, and building trust between teammates. In and out of the pool, Alfonso and Sandra are building the Unified Generation in El Salvador and beyond.






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