Taking the Slopes

Daniel and Eran are brothers and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Israel who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create a competitive ski program for Special Olympics athletes and their family members in Israel. Through this program, participants will build self-esteem by learning life and social skills in addition to skiing skills. Daniel and Eran plan to promote acceptance by targeting younger participants who can become advocates for the rest of their lives.


Daniel and Eran were inspired by their sister who has an intellectual disability. Daniel has learned a lot from his sister about acceptance and overcoming obstacles. Eran has learned how to find positives in challenging situations, using his sister’s perseverance as an example. Through their project, Daniel and Eran hope to raise awareness of the contributions that people with intellectual disabilities make for in families and communities.


Daniel and Eran are excited to work together as part of the Unified Generation. To them, being a part of the Unified Generation means working together to show other people that different is not bad. As leaders of the Unified Generation, Daniel and Eran are creating inclusion in Israel and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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