Talent Shows Toward Inclusion

Barbara and Edson are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who will be searching for talent in three cities across the country. Through their Youth Innovation Project, Barbara and Edson plan to host a series of talent shows that will feature the youths living with intellectual disabilities in Harare, Masyingo, and Chinhoyi. Through a partnership with Leo clubs in each city, Barbara and Edson will raise awareness for inclusion through different media platforms, using pictures and video footage from the events to show a new side of the youths living with intellectual disability in these communities. Their message is simple but powerful: “intellectual disability is not an inability."


Barbara and Edson hope to educate their communities about the complexities of intellectual disabilities, breaking down social stigmas and stereotypes along the way. Their talent shows will be an opportunity to celebrate different abilities and showcase the “hidden talents” of youth with intellectual disability. Additionally, their events will not only advocate for inclusion but also fundraise for the installation of a computer center for people living with intellectual disability in the area. The center will be created with the mission of increasing computer literacy for youths with intellectual disability in their community.


Barbara and Edson are both excited to be able to share the talents of their peers with their communities and to be a part of the Unified Generation in Zimbabwe and beyond.