Teaching the Community to Include (and Craft)

Claudia and Jose were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to learn more about their story and the impact they are making in their community.


Claudia and Jose are two Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador leading a Youth Innovation Project to create an inclusive leadership team to organize and host craft workshops and exhibitions. Claudia and Jose believe this project will not only create opportunities for creative expression and recruitment of new Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners, but also be a platform to develop leadership skills amongst the participants.


With a team of youth leaders with and without intellectual disability, Claudia and Jose will organize inclusive crafting sessions and recruit Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners to participate. Once all items have been created, the team of youth leaders will invite the public to attend an exhibition of the crafts. At the exhibition, the participating Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners will lead workshops explaining how they made their projects and teach other how create their own. Through these workshops, the youth leaders will not only transfer their knowledge to the community, but also demonstrate the power of inclusive youth leadership in action.


By promoting inclusion and creating innovative opportunities for youth with and without intellectual disability to come together to change their community, Claudia and Jose’s leadership is growing the Unified Generation in El Salvador and beyond.








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