The Expansion of Unified Soccer

Kinley and Craig are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Wyoming, USA who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to promote inclusion through growing Unified Sports programming at their

high school. Inspired by success from a previous Youth Innovation Project, Kinley and Craig will implement the Second Annual Unified Soccer Day, an event they hope to make an annual tradition.


Over the course of six months, Kinley and Craig will work together with their Youth Leadership team to plan whole school engagement activities, promote inclusion through Unified Sports at surrounding schools, and increase participation in Unified Sports with a focus on Unified soccer. During their first Youth Innovation Project, Kinley and Craig successfully advocated for a Unified physical education class at their high school and held the first Special Olympics Unified soccer tournament in their community. Kinley and Craig hope their new project leads to the establishment of one new Unified Champion School, two new Youth Leaders, and more than 60 youth with and without intellectual disabilities engaged in Unified Sports. Kinley and Craig believe that being part of a Unified Generation means showing there is strength in diversity and that the community is better with inclusion.