The Future of Sport

Marcela and Wendy were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to learn more about their story and the impact they are making in their community. 


Marcela and Wendy are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who plan to incorporate the fundamental Special Olympics pillar of sport into their Youth Innovation Project as a means to give a voice to those in their community with intellectual disability. Through Unified Sports, Marcela and Wendy aim to create a future where sports involve people with all levels of ability. They believe that if sport becomes a fully inclusive field, then there will be more Unified Schools and opportunities for youth with intellectual disability.


Both Marcela and Wendy are committed to promoting inclusion in their community. Marcela currently attends a school for special education and plays tennis with Special Olympics. She is enthusiastic and eager to succeed if given the opportunity. And Wendy – inspired by her brother with an intellectual disability – is deeply invested in the mission to spread awareness of the capabilities of people with intellectual disability like her brother and Marcela.


Marcela and Wendy’s shared hope is that through sport their peers will gain a better appreciation of the abilities that athletes with intellectual disability have which will then create more opportunities for people with intellectual disability outside of the playing field. Through their project, Marcela and Wendy plan to fight stereotypes and remove barriers to participation in their community. As leaders of the Unified Generation, they are creating the future of sport and inclusion in El Salvador and around the world.