The GOInclusive Project

Victor is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Tanzania who will lead a Youth Innovation Project called the “GOInclusive Project”. The GOInclusive Project will kick off with a media campaign focused on promoting equal opportunities and inclusion for those with intellectual disabilities. The GOInclusive project will encourage community members, celebrities, and social media influencers to share photos and videos using #GoInclusive. The GOInclusive project will also feature social media challenges that encourage others to stand up for inclusion. Victor’s media campaign will lead up to a daylong event that will include conversations on disability, Unified Sports opportunities and Unified dance for community members, celebrities, and influencers to enjoy. In October 2019, Victor participated in the Special Olympics Africa Regional Youth Leadership Summit in Nairobi, Kenya and learned how the importance of youth leadership and engagement can lead to a stronger Unified Generation.


Leading up to the GoInclusive event, Victor hopes to have 40,000 social media impressions. The event will engage over one hundred participants with and without intellectual disabilities. Victor hopes that his project will spark conversations in the health, sports, and government sectors around the integration and inclusion of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Beyond this larger mission, GoInclusion will allow for new relationships to be formed, friendships to grow, and inclusion to be spread throughout the local community. Victor is excited to be a part of the Unified Generation where all individuals are equal and everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves.