The Power of Youth in Oklahoma

Athens and Claire are Special Olympics Youth Leaders form Oklahoma who are leading a Youth Innovation Project to grow the programming of the Special Olympics Youth Activation Committee with new and different activities.


Though Special Olympics events and activities in their area of Oklahoma are plentiful, Athens and Claire are committed to developing opportunities for involvement beyond ‘traditional’ sports. For example, they would like to offer additional events like Water Sports Inclusion Day, which would attract many people because of the Riversport event center in their community. Athens and Claire want to encourage Special Olympics Youth Leaders across Oklahoma to seek out activities beyond conventional Unified Sports and expand these program areas to recruit more youth with and without intellectual disabilities to their inclusive activities. This project will continue on through the years as the Special Olympics Oklahoma Youth Activation Committee grows and hosts larger events in addition to its annual Youth Summit.


As members of the Unified Generation, Claire and Athens believe that their experience and impact are larger than their individual stories. They are always looking for new ways to improve and make the community more inclusive. With the leadership and innovative attitudes of Claire, Athens, and their fellow youth leaders in Oklahoma and around the world, the Unified Generation will continue to grow.