The Stronger Together Initiative in Nigeria

Oluwakemi and Odunayo are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Nigeria who will lead a Youth Innovation Project titled, “Stronger Together.” This project will recruit college students as Youth Leaders in order to help create inclusive universities. As University students, Oluwakemi and Odunayo believe that their peers are the ideal group to spread the message of inclusion. With university students graduating to the workforce, they can help to amplify the message of inclusion to an older generation of people in Nigeria.


Over the course of three months, Oluwakemi and Odunayo will seek out partnerships with Universities in their Program and host information sessions for the students. Each session will have a sports element- including basketball games and other physical activities – in order to demonstrate the power of Unified Sports.  After the training sessions have concluded, Oluwakemi and Odunayo will help to organize campus engagement activities to broaden the reach of the project. They hope to engage over 120 youth with and without intellectual disabilities in “Stronger Together” and create two new Unified Sports Clubs. That is only the beginning for the Unified pair.


 “(We are ) part of a Unified Generation, a courageous generation, a generation that stands for what is right, a generation that considers others, a generation that speaks for others, and a generation that stands together believing we are stronger when we are together.” – Olywakemi and Odunayo