Training and Playing Together for Inclusion in Albania

Daniela and Xhensika are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Albania who will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to engage new Youth Leaders and educate their community about the power of inclusion. Daniela and Xhensika will work with a team of Special Olympics Albania Youth Leaders to engage youth with and without intellectual disabilities through workshops and recreational activities. Through their project, Daniela and Xhensika hope to increase participation in inclusive activities and in doing so, increase awareness and inclusion throughout their local community.


Over a period of six months, Daniela and Xhensika will host a series of workshops and recreational activities, with the goal of increasing awareness and participation in Unified Sports. Daniela and Xhensika hope to inspire youth with intellectual disabilities to share their stories and experiences in hopes of reducing stigma and forging a path of inclusion. Daniela and Xhensika will also plan picnics, outdoor sports days, and field trips following the workshops to provide an opportunity for socializing, building friendships, and enjoying each other’s company. In addition to leading the workshops, Daniela and Xhensika will create informational packets about Special Olympics to distribute at their workshops and through social media. Daniela, Xhensika, and their team of Youth Leaders hope their project helps youth with and without intellectual disabilities to find joy and become their best selves.



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