Training Youth Leaders in Hawaii

Camryn is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Hawaii, USA who will be creating a more Unified school district through an inclusive youth leadership course. Camryn’s project will invite Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners from her high school’s Unified Sports class to educate students in local middle schools about the importance of inclusion and ways that youth of all abilities can become strong leaders. Through Camryn’s project, high school students will become role models for middle school students and teachers through the creation of this inclusive leadership course.


Camryn has been part of the Unified Sports movement in Hawaii for the past three years and is committed to sharing her experience with others. She has learned the importance of making change and spreading inclusion and thinks other students will benefit from the same opportunities. Camryn will be working with other youth leaders in her Unified Sports class to teach younger students about leadership and communication skills. Their teachings will highlight the importance of engaging both students with and without intellectual disabilities. Camryn and her team will record their lessons and upload them to the internet so that other students across the world can also engage in inclusive leadership trainings. By engaging with younger students, there will be more youth leaders ready to lead the Unified Generation when Camryn graduates from school.


As a leader of the Unified Generation herself, Camryn is excited to share her passion for Special Olympics with others and encourage them to participate. As the Unified Generation continues to gain momentum, Camryn is thrilled to have younger youth leaders join. Through her Unified Sports class and new leadership course, Camryn is prepared to change the world and make it a more inclusive place for all.






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