True Colors Displayed in Inclusive Run

Samantha and Molly are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Hawaii whose Youth Innovation Project will bring students on campus together to have fun and show their true colors. To represent colors, the two students will lead a color run fundraiser and raise awareness about Special Olympics programming and provide funding for Team Unify. The funding collected from this event will pay for sports participants to travel to events across the state of Hawaii and compete in other Special Olympics events.


The main goal for this project is to bring people of all abilities together to participate in a day of inclusion, whether these individuals are from their school or from the community. Samantha and Molly want to demonstrate how all individuals are unique and different, but can co-exist together. By leading this color run, there is a greater chance for individuals to see the importance of the Unified movement. Samantha and Molly’s school is a Unified Champion School and so has practiced and implemented inclusive opportunities across campus. This is just one additional opportunity that will strengthen the bond between students and the community. By running the same track and being covered in the same colors, it shows that all participants can engage in the same activity, but have completely unique experiences.


To Samantha and Molly, being part of the Unified Generation means making sure everyone feels included and accepted into all events and activities. It means bringing attention to the differences of individuals, and spreading disability awareness throughout the community. By being part of the Unified Generation, these two are bringing positivity to the world, which is the best way to change the world.