Unified Badminton Club

 Illitay and Perizat are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Kyrgyz Republic who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create a Unified badminton club where everyone will feel accepted, make friends, show their best abilities and learn to be on a team. The club will meet twice a month for training and practice matches. Athletes will be matched with Unified partners to play in a tournament every three months. Illitay and Perizat will first implement the Unified badminton club into one school and then use that school as a model to implement the club into other schools throughout the area.


Over the course of six months, Illitay and Perizat will engage over 80 participants with and without intellectual disabilities, expand Unified programming in six schools, creating four new Unified Schools and two new Unified Champion Schools. Even after the project is completed, Illitay and Perizat plan to continue growing the club to include even more schools, athletes and Unified partners and share their success on local networks and on social media. Using the power of teamwork and partnership to inspire inclusion, Illitay and Perizat are creating a Unified Generation that believes that everyone can be successful in sports and in society.