Unified Basketball in Nova Scotia

Allison is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Nova Scotia who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to raise awareness and foster inclusion through participation in a Unified basketball tournament. Allison actively participates in Unified Sports events throughout her community and will use her experience and knowledge to establish new Unified Schools, expand programming at existing Unified Schools, and engage new Youth Leaders. Through this project, Allison hopes to build friendships, create opportunities, and inspire her peers to build a better community for youth with intellectual disabilities in Nova Scotia.


Over the course of six months, Allison will expand on existing partnerships and form new collaborations to increase inclusion through a Unified basketball tournament. Allison will engage more than 200 youth with and without intellectual disabilities and establish five new Unified Sports clubs. Allison hopes this project will be the springboard to establish five new Unified Schools and five new Champion Schools to ultimately implement a sustainable, annual provincial Unified basketball tournament. Her experience with Special Olympics Unified Sports has had a profoundly positive impact on her life and she is motivated to spread the message to others.