Unified Basketball Promotes Inclusion

Jia Xuan and Sio Hong are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Macau who will lead a Youth Innovation Project for inclusion through Unified Basketball. With the assistance of a project mentor, Special Olympics partners and athletes, Macau government unit, and a local middle school, these two will make a difference for inclusion in their community. Alongside the Unified Basketball event, a speech tour will travel around Macau to spread the message of Unified and how others can get involved in similar activities.


At the Unified Basketball event, local celebrities, companies, and community members will be invited to watch the game and cheer on the teams. After seeing the participants showcase their skills, the audience will have the opportunity to share stories with these individuals and learn more about the message of Unified. These stories will be shared during the speech tour where the Unified Basketball team will also promote the spirit of Unified Sports, and encourage others to learn more about the organization and people with intellectual disabilities.


Both Jia Xuan Li and Sio Hong Si believe it is important for others in schools and the community to learn more about Special Olympics programs and become involved in the Unified movement. For these two, being part of the Unified Generation is a very meaningful experience they feel that everyone can learn from. Through Unified activities, they have a better understanding of those with intellectual disability and can continue to learn more as they engage in activities together. They believe the members of this movement have a responsibility to share the message of Unified with others in their communities, their countries, and around the world.