Unified Cheerleading in Hawaii

Kalikokielemaeole and Kaelyn are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Hawaii who will lead a Youth Innovation Project starting a Unified cheer squad at their school with the goal of creating a fun, inclusive and safe environment for students with and without intellectual disabilities. The Unified cheer squad will have at least 10 performances a year at various varsity, junior varsity and Unified Sports games and one big performance at the school pep rally.


Over the course of 12 months, Kalikokielemaeole and Kaelyn will put together a squad of around 20 cheerleaders with and without intellectual disabilities and in the process will establish their school as a Unified Champion School. Kalikokielemaeole and Kaelyn see cheerleading as a way to support others and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, and they hope to see these values transfer from the Unified cheer squad to their school as a whole. By starting Unified cheerleading and promoting inclusion, Kalikokielemaeole and Kaelyn are giving all students the opportunity to feel comfortable and involved at their school, empowering the Unified Generation.