Unified Dance in The Gambia

Elizabeth and Anna Mariam are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from The Gambia who will lead a Youth Innovation project aimed at increasing inclusion and understanding through dance. In doing so, Elizabeth and Anna Mariam believe that they will be able to promote increased fitness, flexibility, self-confidence and self-esteem for everyone involved in the program.


Over the course of six months, Elizabeth and Anna Mariam will form their Unified dance group and work towards a culminating dance theater performance. The funds raised from their performance will help to continue to fund a Unified dance program for beyond the six month project. Elizabeth and Anna Mariam will begin their program by introducing basic dance movements to the participants, creating Unified pairs to work hand in hand throughout the program. As part of the project, the Unified pairs will work to create a mentoring network to create sustainability and comradery for beyond the project. The final four months of the project will be dedicated to developing a dance routine and rehearsing for the dance theater performance. The final performance, which will engage more than 100 youth with and without intellectual disabilities in The Gambia, will be a tribute to the unity and understanding Elizabeth and Anna Mariam fostered in their program, as well as a testament to the power of the Unified Generation.