Unified Days: Inclusion through Art and Sport

Karen and Hernando are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Colombia who plan to lead cultural, artistic, and sports activities to create a more inclusive school community. As a team, Karen and Hernando will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create Unified Days with cultural activities that promote inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities and leave a significant impact on the community.


The school that Karen and Hernando attend is very diverse and their project will not only provide the opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities to be included, but for everyone to feel like they belong. The events and lessons taught in the classroom and on campus will transfer to the community and will transform local attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities. Through the exploration of different cultures and sports activities, students across a variety of backgrounds will have the ability to engage in activities they may have never experienced before and flourish in the new activities created.


Karen and Hernando were inspired to lead this project because of the talent that others have in arts and sports within their community and wanted to create an environment where different talents could be showcased. To Karen and Hernando, being part of the Unified Generation means learning more about others and identifying the talents of individuals that will bring new experiences to others and find value in these opportunities.