Unified Floorball for Female Engagement in Estonia

Mona Lisa is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Estonia who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to establish a Unified Floorball team for women. Mona Lisa will partner with an existing non-integrated women’s floorball league to create a Unified floorball team and host a Unified Sports tournament. Through this project, Mona Lisa will expand the sports opportunities for youth with intellectual disabilities in Estonia. After competing in both home and away games, participants will have the opportunity to compete in a culminating tournament that Mona Lisa is organizing.


Mona Lisa is excited for participants on the Unified Floorball team to gain experience and demonstrate the power of Unified Sports to others. Over the course of six months, Mona Lisa will educate others about the importance of inclusion and the abilities of individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. Mona Lisa is hopeful that this project will change the perception others have toward individuals with disabilities and will create a climate of respect in her community.