Unified Kickball in North Carolina

Rebecca and Knox are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from North Carolina who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to establish a Unified kickball team, which they hope will inspire other schools in their area to become Unified Champion Schools. Rebecca and Knox will also host a variety of inclusive events at their school such as prom, a prep rally, and holiday-themed gatherings.


Over the course of one year, Rebecca and Knox hope to recruit 120 students with and without intellectual disabilities to create four Unified kickball teams. After a few months of practice, Rebecca and Knox will schedule games and tournaments for the participating teams to showcase their skills. Rebecca and Knox hope that these events allow school administrators to witness the power of Unified Sports and the importance of Unified Schools programming, leading to at least ten new Unified Champion Schools in their community. By expanding Unified Sports opportunities, Rebecca and Knox will inspire schools to become more inclusive and students to become a part of the Unified Generation.