Inclusive Kitchen in Islamabad, Pakistan

Sameer and Muhammad are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Pakistan who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Summit. Together, Sameer and Muhammad will lead a revolutionary Youth Innovation Project aiming to expanding employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, expand the social opportunities of individuals with intellectual disabilities and strengthening Unified partnerships. Sameer and Muhammad will accomplish their goal by creating an Inclusive Kitchen in a restaurant called Eatoo, employing Unified pairs and using the restaurant as a location for inclusion and understanding.


Over the course of a year, Sameer and Muhammad will attend business administration and finance classes and do market research as they prepare to open their Unified restaurant. Along with a team of 15 Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities, Sameer and Muhammad will work to plan the project. Sameer and Muhamad will employ 25 Special Olympics athletes along with their Unified partners in the kitchen at Eatoo. Sameer and Muhammad‘s eventual goal is to expand Eatoo across Pakistan, but for now their flagship location will create an environment that exemplifies the future of the Unified Generation.