Unified Leadership

Simran and Shrey are two Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Bharat (India) who want to change attitudes towards people with disabilities. These two high school graduates noticed that there was limited attention and awareness toward individuals with disabilities and are looking to schools to be the catalyst of change. Their Youth Innovation Project will work to connect mainstream schools with Special Education schools and form new relationships between students on multiple campuses.


Once a mainstream school is connected with a Special Education school, a Unified Youth club will be created between the two campuses. Youth at the mainstream school will lead and participate in at least two Unified Sports activities throughout the school year. With a plan to introduce new schools to the Unified movement every two months, youth will become advocates for inclusion and spread this information into the community. At the end of the year, after the school clubs have been started and sports have been determined, a Unified Sports Festival will be available and interscholastic sports competitions will occur. Both Simran and Shrey are excited to lead this project and change the mindset of the public and end the social stigma around people with intellectual disabilities.


Simran and Shrey believe that the Unified Generation is a different learning experience that benefits all sectors of society. To them, the Unified Generation has no barriers, and the exchange of ideas and skills is stronger and more inclusive. By being youth leaders in this movement, there is greater enrichment of mind, body, and soul. Together, Simran and Shrey plan to make a difference and work toward creating a more Unified future in India and beyond.