Unified on the Court and in the Kitchen

Maygen and Chelsea are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Massachusetts who have been working with a Special Education teacher at their school to create a Unified Cooking experience. For the past few years, Palmer High School, a Unified Champion school has steadily increased its Unified programs. The school started with a Unified track and field team, which led to a Unified Sports gym class, and both have created an overall positive environment of acceptance in their school community. And with their Youth Innovation Project, Maygen and Chelsea will be bringing Unified from the track to the kitchen!


As part of the Unified Cooking program, an interview process will take place each year for students who are interested in the class. There will be about fifteen students who are able to participate in the course. Half of the participating students will be Special Education students and half will be general education students. Within the class, there will be an opportunity for all students to develop cooking skills, determine healthy eating habits, and serve as youth leaders in the future of the school’s Unified movement. Maygen and Chelsea are most excited to see everything the students learn and the positive impact of the class on their lives. With the class as an addition to the Unified movement, its students will be able to serve food and treats created in the class to fundraise for future events.


To Maygen and Chelsea, being part of the Unified Generation is means serving to promote the inclusion revolution, providing opportunities for young people of all abilities to to participate in everyday activities together. Whether on the court or in the kitchen, these are opportunities of inclusion that everyone should have.