Unified Pair Teaching a Lesson on Inclusion

Andrés and Paola are Youth Leaders from Colombia who will design and implement a leadership training course focused on inclusion and sharing it with members of their school’s community. This Youth Innovation Project aims to improve relationships and create more inclusion within the school. Not only will students benefit from these courses, but teachers will also be involved and administer some academic teaching around school climate and inclusion.


The training created by Andrés and Paola will include sections focused on developing social and emotional intelligence, practicing communication skills and acknowledging diversity. Each of these sections will be a pillar in the training that strengthens relationships between individuals and their peers of all ability levels. Together, all of these areas will promote inclusion. Through the training, students and teachers will be able to recognize and respect diversity, establish clear communication channels, and create an environment that promotes tolerance and learning.


Andrés and Paola were inspired to lead their project by the possibility of a school environment that respects diversity and removes hurtful and limiting labels. They are most excited to share their project with their campus and have peers with and without disabilities share their experiences and grow together for inclusion. As members of the Unified Generation, Andrés and Paola believe that they are creating a different view of the world and surprising others with what they know about inclusion and changing mindsets along the way, in Colombia and around the world.