Unified Relay in Brazil

Carolina and Kaylany are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Brazil who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Carolina and Kaylany will lead a Youth Innovation Project focused on promoting inclusion through Unified Athletiics (track and field). Carolina and Kaylany will lead eight weeks of training that will culminate in one final competition: the Unified Relay. Runners with and without intellectual disabilities will learn to work together to get across the finish line and form new friendships in the process.


Over six months, Carolina and Kaylany will recruit participants for the program in both the community and in schools. In the process, Carolina and Kaylany will establish six new Unified Schools and identify 10 new Youth Leaders. Carolina and Kaylany will not just hand off the baton to win the race, they will hand off the message of inclusion and allow it to spread throughout Brazil. By starting a Unified track program and helping new Youth Leaders get their start, Carolina and Kaylany are empowering the Unified Generation to race toward a better world.