Unified Schools in Panama

Francesca and Exsaul are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Panama who are planning a Unified Sports Day to encourage Unified Schools in their community to become Unified Champion Schools and to highlight the skills and abilities of students with intellectual disabilities. Francesca and Exsaul believe that inclusion is not just something you do for a day, but a lifestyle that everyone should adopt. Francesca and Exsaul know the importance of inclusion and together, they plan to educate their community about what inclusion looks like and how young people can join the Unified Generation.


Over the course of six-months, Francesca and Exsaul will plan and prepare for their daylong Unified Sports Day. Although the day will focus on traditional Unified Sports activities, Francesca and Exsaul will encourage participants to consider how their abilities can be used to participate in extracurricular activities outside of sports. Through their project Francesca and Exsaul hope to show students without intellectual disabilities that students with intellectual disabilities should be included in theatre, band, choir, debate and robotics teams. In doing so, Francesca and Exsaul will create an inclusive school community where students with and without disabilities feel comfortable following their passions.