Unified Soccer in Sweden

Olle and Isak are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Uppsala, Sweden who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Together, Olle and Isak will involve more young people with intellectual disabilities in Unified sports by adding Unified soccer teams in 12 different schools in their area. Olle and Isak see Unified soccer as a way to spread the powerful message of inclusion.


Over the course of six months, Olle and Isak will provide training and equipment to help begin Unified soccer at the 12 selected schools. Olle and Isak will provide additional training for beginners to the sport and work with the older Special Olympics athletes to become coaches themselves. Two Unified Sports Days will bring together all 12 of the programs that Olle and Isak helped to start. Olle and Isak plan to have not only Unified players on these soccer teams, but also a Unified coaching staff. By providing the opportunity for Unified leadership in every aspect of their program, Olle and Isak are empowering the Unified Generation to create truly inclusive sports programs.