Unified Sport and Inclusive Youth Leadership in Kazakhstan

Anna and Marzhan are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Kazakhstan who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to train additional youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities in their community and engage them in inclusive sports. In September 2018, Anna and Marzhan participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to use their leadership skills to enhance the impact they can have in Kazakhstan.


Anna and Marzhan are committed to growing the Unified Generation not only by recruiting youth to Unified Sports but also training them in critical leadership skills to empower them to grow inclusion in their communities. The ultimate goal of Anna and Marzhan’s project is to bring together youth with and without intellectual disabilities to form friendships and grow together – and they believe that sports provide the perfect platform to achieve this goal. And providing inclusive leadership training alongside inclusive sport will empower the participating youth to continue growing Unified Sports and other opportunities for social inclusion in their community.


Anna and Marzhan aim to remove the barriers and stigma that separate those with intellectual disabilities and those without them and create a more unified society and bringing people together through sports. With the leadership of Special Olympics Youth leaders such as Anna and Marzhan, the global Unified Generation is growing in Kazakhstan and around the world.






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