Unified Sport for Unified Life

Anniah and Malvin are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who drew inspiration for their Youth innovation Project from their personal experiences of seeing individuals with intellectual disability excluded in their own community. Inspired to make a change, Anniah and Malvin decided to plan and lead a Unified Sports Day to share the spirit of the Unified Generation with those around them.


Anniah and Malvin plan to begin their Unified Sport Day with a lecture about intellectual disability, presented by a psychologist, that will explain how families can best help their children and relatives with ID. Then, a second segment will be led by a fitness coach and will discuss health. After this, particpants will have the opportunity to play Unified Sports – both football (soccer) and tennis.


Through their Youth Innovation Project, Anniah and Malvin hope to educate their community about intellectual disability, promote health and fitness, and encourage unity among athletes and families. They are excited to be a part of a global Unified Generation because to them, it means that “everyone is important and everyone can make a difference in the community.”






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