Inclusive Youth Leadership Training for the Unified Generation

Hanna and Steve are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Germany who will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to provide comprehensive training to the next generation of Special Olympics Youth Leaders. Hanna and Steve will recruit sixteen new Youth Leaders to participate in their year-long program, which will create a new Unified Sports team. Through their project, Hanna and Steve will empower Youth Leaders to discover their passion within the Special Olympics movement.


Over the course of twelve months, Youth Leaders will gain competency in a variety of topics including first aid, sports management, inclusive Youth Leadership, and social media management. Youth Leaders will also volunteer and present at Special Olympics events and attend the Special Olympics Germany National Games to gain hands-on experience. In the final month of their project, Hanna and Steve will encourage the Youth Leaders to take the lead on coordinating a new Unified Sports team. By training and empowering new Youth Leaders to develop Unified Sports programs, Hanna and Steve are ensuring the legacy of the Unified Generation.