Unified Sports Days to Promote Inclusion

Karina was named an Innovator of the Week! Click here to hear more about her story and the impact she is making in her community.


Karina is a Special Olympics Youth Leader in Hungary who will lead a Youth Innovation Project alongside a team of other Special Olympics Youth Leaders, teachers, coaches, and Special Olympics Hungary staff. Additional volunteers will be recruited to assist in the project as well. Together, this team will lead a Unified Sports Day with two sports showcased: football (soccer) and floorball.


A floorball team was recently started at a nearby school and joining with them will create a positive relationship for future joint projects. Together, youth across the country will be invited to participate in development of Unified Schools in Hungary. This Unified Sports Day will serve as the catalyst for future involvement.


As a child, Karina was involved in several Unified Sports opportunities. In 2015, she visited the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, California, where she participated in the Unified Football Tournament. As a participant in Special Olympics, she believes that the power of Unified Sports to develop of relationships should continue to be shared with as many people as possible. Through the Unified Sports Day, people of all abilities and all ages will be able to compete with others, form relationships, and spread the mission of Special Olympics into the future.


For Karina, being part of the Unified Generation is about providing unconditional love and happiness to others, which can charge and change individuals in both sporting events and various aspects of life. As someone who has years of participating within the Special Olympics movement, Karina believes the Unified Generation leads the future of integration and acceptance of those with intellectual disability into society, and she is excited to be one of the leaders to make this a reality.