Unified Sports for the Unified Generation

Jayden and Emma are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Alberta, Canada who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to expand Unified Sports opportunities for primary school students. Jayden and Emma were inspired to create this project after they noticed that the majority of Unified Sports participants in their community were older students. Through their project, Jayden and Emma hope to increase the number of younger students participating in Unified Sports. They plan to visit schools in their community to share the positive impact Unified Sports has had on their life, and then host a culminating event for school administrators, teachers, and students to see this impact first-hand. In doing so, Jayden and Emma hope to increase the number of Unified Schools in their community.


Over the course of six months, Jayden and Emma will visit schools to talk about Unified Sports and encourage them to begin Unified Schools programming. During their school visits, Jayden and Emma plan to provide the schools with basic sports gear, which will allow students to begin participating in Unified Sports activities immediately following their visit. Once the visits are complete, Jayden and Emma will host a culminating event at their school where attendees can participate in a variety of Unified Sports activities. Jayden and Emma believe that their project will help to normalize Unified Sports as a standard for younger students. By expanding Unified Sports opportunities for all ages, Jayden and Emma are ensuring that the youngest members of the Unified Generation are growing up in a community where inclusion is the norm and everyone has the opportunity to reveal the champion within.