Unified Sports growing the Unified Generation in South Africa

Sinalo is a Special Olympics Youth leader from South Africa leading a Youth Innovation Project to grow Special Olympics programming by establishing new Unified Schools and increasing inclusive youth leadership involvement. By offering more opportunities in Unified Sports and other inclusive activities, Sinalo is committed to increasing awareness toward people with disabilities and generate greater social inclusion in South Africa.


Through her project, Sinalo will work to introduce and grow Unified Sports such as netball and ladies football/futsal. These are sports she has been actively involved with and is passionate about sharing them with others. Sinalo plans to create a local Unified Sports league with nearby special schools and mainstream schools where Netball and Futsal will be introduced and encourage year-round participation. Sinalo is excited to see how Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners join together to bring out the best in everyone.


By offering an opportunity to play together on the same field, Sinalo believes that Unified Sports can make attitudes of inclusion the standard in South Africa. Through sports such as netball and football/futsal, people with and without intellectual disabilities can grow as teammates and develop inclusive schools and communities. With Sinalo’s leadership, the Unified Generation continues to grow in South Africa and around the world!