Unified Table Tennis for the Unified Generation

Isaac and Bernice are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Ghana leading a Youth Innovation Project to promote inclusion through Unified table tennis. With table tennis and additional training, Isaac and Bernice will educate youth leaders about Unified Sports and its impact on participants with and without intellectual disabilities.


Through their project, Isaac and Bernice plan to engage more schools as Unified Schools and recruit additional inclusive youth leaders to support their plans for growth in Ghana. Using Unified table tennis as an instrument of change, Isaac and Bernice will promote togetherness amongst those with and without intellectual disabilities and create more opportunities for social inclusion in local schools. By engaging new Unified Schools and youth leaders, Isaac and Bernice are committed to increasing awareness about Special Olympics and action for inclusion amongst youth across Ghana.


Over the coming months, Isaac and Bernice will organize and lead outreach to local schools to participate in Unified table tennis, recruit participants, foster player development through training sessions, and organize a Unified table tennis competition for the participants. Through Isaac and Bernice leadership and the power of Unified Sports, the Unified Generation continues to grow in Ghana and around the world.






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