Inclusive Talent Show in Kenya

Purity and Linda are sisters and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Kenya who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create an annual Inclusive talent show in their community. The Inclusive talent show will showcase a variety of talents, such as dancing and singing, performed by classmates and community members. Purity and Linda will execute their project in their own school first, and then visit three other schools in their Program to perform their talent show. The show will serve as a shining example of unity and inclusion that will inspire similar events to begin in Kenya. 


Over the course of three months, Purity and Linda will engage over 120 youth with and without intellectual disabilities with their Inclusive talent show. By spreading their message to their own school and the three other schools they visit, Purity and Linda will be responsible for creating four new Unified Sports Clubs solely focused on dance. Engaging youth with and without intellectual disabilities will break down barriers and stigmas that exist in their community, and will help to create a Unified Generation.