Unified Talk Show

Elisha is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Slovakia leading a Youth Innovation Project to establish a greater awareness of Special Olympics and the Unified movement in her country. Elisha wants to introduce Special Olympics programming and engage new community members to join the Unified Generation. In September, Elisha attended the Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned more about how to make her project the most impactful for engaging new youth leaders. 


To spread the message of Special Olympics, Elisha will meet with Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners across Slovakia for a “Unified Talk Show” series. She will interview athletes and Unified Partners who have been profoundly impacted by Special Olympics and Unified Sports and share their stories with the world. Elisha is excited to share the positive effects that Unified Sports and other inclusive programs have had on students in Slovakia. Through the video testimonials, Elisha is committed to inspiring others to join the Unified Generation and become leaders of the movement for inclusion.


As Elisha prepares to lead this project, she is eager for new students to become part of the Special Olympics family and hopes her “Unified Talk Show” will generate a greater sense of community for those with intellectual disabilities. With Elisha’s leadership and storytelling, the Unified Generation will continue to grow in Slovakia and beyond.